Aukane Reef

Surveyed 25-Feb-2013 as part of the NERP-TE Project 2.3

Aukane Reef back
Aukane Reef first flank
Aukane Reef front
Aukane Reef second flank

Aukane Island Reef was surveyed for the first time using manta tow in 2013. Median reef-wide live coral cover was moderate (10-20%) and small numbers of crown-of-thorns starfish were recorded below outbreak levels. Signs of white syndrome were restricted to small numbers of individual colonies on the back and flanks of the reef perimeter during surveys in 2013. No bleaching or signs of black band disease were observed. Aukane Island Reef was classified as No Outbreak.

Manta Tow:

Fish and Benthos Surveys:
RHIS surveys:

Aukane Reef Perimeter Hard Coral Crown-of-thorns starfish graph