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Published on
6 November 2017
PreviewThis dataset shows the concentrations of the herbicide glyphosate remaining over time in a simulation flask persistence experiment conducted in 2013.

Published on
24 October 2017
PreviewThis dataset contains records of sting events and specimen samples of jellyfish (Irukandji) along the north Queensland coast from December 1998 to March 2017.
Published on
21 November 2016
PreviewThis dataset contains Landsat 5 imagery for selected areas of Queensland, currently Torres Strait and around Lizard Island and Cape Tribulation.

Published on
2 August 2016
PreviewThis dataset shows the point location of communities on Torres Strait Islands. There are 18 Islands in the Torres Strait and 19 Communities. St Pauls and Kubin villages are both located on Moa Island.
Published on
30 June 2016
PreviewThis dataset consists of a shapefile of the reefs, islands, sand banks, cays and rocks of the whole Great Barrier Reef (GBR) including Torres Strait.