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Published on
19 May 2021
PreviewA later version of this dataset exists published 2019-01-18, accessible through the data links on this page.
Published on
12 April 2021
PreviewThis dataset consists of a small CSV file containing the locations, names and country of the Torres Strait villages associated with the Australian and Papua New Guinea Treaty Protected Zone and neighbouring PNG Treaty villages This dataset is intended for the creation
Published on
9 March 2021
PreviewThis metadata is a brief overview of the National Environmental Science Program Tropical Water Quality (NESP TWQ) Hub.
Published on
30 November 2020
PreviewThis dataset shows larval connectivities between reefs that exceeded, and did not exceed, thermal thresholds for damage during the 2016/2017 Great Barrier Reef bleaching events.
Published on
21 October 2020
PreviewThis generated data set contains summaries (daily, monthly, annual) of the eReefs CSIRO biogeochemistry model v3.1 (htt