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Published on
10 May 2019
PreviewThis metadata is a brief overview of the National Environmental Science Program Tropical Water Quality (NESP TWQ) Hub.
Published on
24 January 2019
PreviewA later version of this dataset exists published 2019-01-18, accessible through the data links on this page.
Published on
13 November 2018
PreviewThis dataset consists of a shapefile of the reefs, islands, sand banks, cays and rocks of the whole Great Barrier Reef (GBR) including Torres Strait.
Published on
23 October 2018
PreviewThis dataset summarises benthic surveys of seagrass for Dugong and Turtle habitats at Orman Reefs, Torres Strait.
Published on
18 December 2017
PreviewThis dataset contains Landsat 5 imagery for selected areas of Queensland, currently Torres Strait and around Lizard Island and Cape Tribulation.